Oct 2, 2009



Material: Lycra Cotton
Colour: Gray
Size: Free Size
Bust: 84cm
Shoulder Width: 33cm
Length of skirt: 92cm





Material: Lycra Cotton 
Size: Free Size
Colour: Apricot, White, Black
Bust: 92cm
Shoulder Width: 30cm
Length of skirt: 88cm



Material: Lycra Cotton
Size: Free Size
Colour: Green, Yellow
Bust: 94cm
Shoulder Width: 39cm
Length of skirt: 87cm



Material: Chiffon
Size: Free Size
Bust: 88CM
Length: 78CM
Sleeve Length: 20cm

Sep 29, 2009

New Arrivals in a week time!!!

Sep 9, 2009

Flower Cardigan

Material: Chiffon+Polyester
Colour: Black, White, Pink
Size: Free Size
Bust: 90cm
length: 58cm
leeve Length: 35cm

Corsett Wide Blouse


Material: Cotton
Colour: Beige
Length: 65cm
Shoulder width: 38cm
Sleeve length: 20cm
Bust: 80cm~94cm(stretchable)
Sleeve Muscle: 40cm
Cuffs: 32cm
Hem Width: 90cm

Ruffled Blouse

Material: Chiffon Elastic
Colour: Green, Gray, White, Pink
Size: Free Size
Bust: 88cm
Shoulder width: 37cm
Sleeve length: 56cm
Cuffs: 16cm-30cm(stretchable)
Length: 60cm
Hem Width: 88cm
**Inner lining provided



Material: Cotton Elastic
Colour: Gray, Black, Pink, White
Size: Free Size
Length: 87cm
Sleeve length: 25cm
Bust: 100cm~130cm(stretchable)
Cuffs: 36cm
Hem Width:110cm

Sep 8, 2009


Guess what......
We're having a promotion for our 2nd batches!!!
FREE POSTAGE RATES for those who purchase more than 3 items in a single receipt!!!!
So hurry up babes, drop an email, and make ur order before 19th Sept'09

Sep 7, 2009


Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Colour: Black, Gray
Bust: 82-102cm
Shoulder width: 37cm
Length: 86cm


Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Colour: Black, Gray
Bust: 80-94cm
Length: 80cm
Sleeve length: 30cm
Shoulder width: 39cm

BF Shirts II

Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Colour: Red, Blue
Bust :80 - 92cm
Length: 70cm
Shoulder Width: 41cm
Sleeve Length: 30cm

BF Shirts

Material: Cotton
Colour: Green, Blue
Size: Free Size
Bust: 96cm
Long clothing: 76cm
Sleeve: 19cm
Shoulder Width: 39cm


Material: Chiffon
Size: Free Size
Colour: Black, Pink, Apricot, Gray
Bust: 92cm
Shoulder width: 25cm
Length: 79cm

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